Is orange county an expensive area?

Orange County, California The third California city to land on this list, the cost of living index for Orange County is 140.6, which makes it slightly more expensive than Boston, which has a cost of living index of 139.9.Learn more about the real estate market in Laguna Beach A number of factors can influence the choice of location, such as demographics, nearby schools, amenities, local community and more. We've put all of this together for Laguna Beach. Read our Laguna Beach quality of life guide See other Laguna Beach homes for sale. The Census Bureau estimates that in Orange County there is a 69% chance that two random residents are of different ethnicities.

The Pinnacle, The Woods and The Forest are exclusive gated communities in the Hunting Ground, Orange County. Learn more about the richest cities in Orange County, California, based on median household income, median home sales price, and cost of living. To find out which is the most expensive city in Orange County, we looked at median home prices, as well as the price per square meter. Orange County, meanwhile, ranked fourth in the state with nine of the most expensive zip codes; aside from L.

My reliable spreadsheet tells me that for more than three decades, Orange County created 1.2% of the nation's jobs, but only 0.7% of new homes. A new PropertyShark study found that California is home to approximately 70% of the most expensive zip codes in the entire county, 89 of the 127.

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