What is the city of orange famous for?

The city of Orange is known for the annual Orange International Street Fair, an event that draws thousands of people to the area to celebrate cultures around the world through food and entertainment. In his book, “Orange County Place Names A-Z,” Brigandi says that the history of poker arose in the 1930s and even then came from a third-hand source. Over the past 100 years, Orange has grown from a thriving agricultural center to a picturesque but lively city. Santa Fe, under its subsidiary Southern California Railway, laid its first tracks through Orange in 1886 and established its first depot the following year.

Like most cities in Orange County, agriculture formed the backbone of the local economy, and growth thereafter was slow and steady until the 1950s, when a second housing boom drove development. Law enforcement is provided by the Orange Police Department, which covers a jurisdictional area of approximately 27 square miles. It's a vibrant business district, containing Orange County's oldest operating bank and the oldest operating soda fountain. The Costa Mesa Highway (SR 5) also passes through Orange and meets the eastern terminus of SR 22 in the southern part of the city.

Annual events in Orange and links to local organizations in Orange are listed so you can get involved in everything the city has to offer. A view of the fountain currently located in the center of Orange Plaza, dedicated December 1, 1937. The course is just a 15-minute drive from Orange, is open year round and includes five sets of tees on each hole to accommodate players of most ages and skill levels. A plaque at the base of the fountain proclaims to whoever passes by, to remember the brave men of the Orange community who at all times have gone to the defense of their country. But probably the best evidence, he says, comes from James Guinn, one of the county's earliest historians, who connects the name to political efforts to create a separate Orange County.

With plenty of sunny days and the cool breeze that often blows inland from the nearby Pacific, there's no better way to spend a few hours in the morning or afternoon than at one of Orange County's many golf courses. We're proud to showcase Orange's best shopping and services to fit every lifestyle. The former Santa Fe main line connects the cities of Los Angeles, Riverside and San Diego through a junction north of the station. The Outlets at Orange, a large outdoor shopping and entertainment center, is located on the southwestern edge of the city.

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