Why orange county?

Most of the locals grew grapes and raised pigs,. Perfectly located in picturesque Southern California, Orange County embodies California's best dream. Known around the world as “the OC”, this destination has miles of pristine beaches, relaxed elegance and some of the most famous theme parks on the planet. With plenty of sunshine and endless fun options, don't forget a visit to the OC.

Brigandi said a possible connection to Glassell's family who live on Richland Plantation in Orange County, Virginia. In his book, “Orange County Place Names A-Z,” Brigandi says that the history of poker arose in the 1930s and even then came from a third-hand source. Smog is common in much of Orange County, although the coast generally has cleaner air due to ocean winds. Orange County, California, is a vibrant group of cities that attracts visitors from all over the world.

The opportunities for fun, relaxation and exploration in Orange County are endless, so be sure to visit it on one of Macair's private jets. A mosaic of 34 independent municipalities, Orange County's population is one of the most culturally diverse in the world. Orange County is a foodie's paradise, with nearly 5,000 restaurants serving everything from the freshest seafood to exotic delicacies. With hundreds of restaurants to choose from in Little Saigon, Orange County is a Vietnamese foodie's paradise.

Tapioca bubble tea, also known as boba, is a recent local obsession imported from Asia: milk tea is available in Orange County in all flavors, including some fruits and vegetables relatively unknown to the Western palate. Orange County's excellent and irrefutable reputation as a tourist destination gave it its own television series, The O. In northern Orange County, many businesses will have someone who speaks Spanish on staff; however, the further south you travel, the less common Spanish-speaking staff may be, although someone close by who speak Spanish is likely to help translate if asked. The city became one of the centers of the local citrus industry and, in the 1920s, oranges became the city's main crop.

Getting around Orange County is quite inconvenient without a car without having extra money to spend on transportation services, such as taxis.

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