Will orange county choppers return to tv?

Orange County Choppers confirmed that the crew will move to Florida with new episodes. Find out what Paul Teutul Sr. and the rest of the Orange County Choppers team have been up to since the show originally aired. We're back together when Discovery Channel reboots reality series American Chopper after a five-year hiatus, according to multiple media reports.

The Teutul are expected to put Orange County back on the TV map this winter. American Chopper premiered on the Discovery Channel in 2003, relatively early in the reality TV era, and the show's unique blend of human relationships and workplace drama really helped solidify the format followed by countless other reality shows set in interesting and unusual business locations. The American Chopper action took place in Orange County Choppers, a top-notch motorcycle customization store in upstate New York. The public was paralyzed not only by motorcycle miracles made of metal and paint, but by the real-life employees of OCC, the main of them impressively mustachioed (and often controversial), store boss Paul Teutul, Mr.

Or simply Senior), his son Paul Jr. Junior), Mikey Teutul, Vinnie DiMartino and Rick Petko, among others. Cody Connelly was just a child when he stepped his foot in the door as a 14-year-old motorcycle-loving intern at Orange County Choppers, before American Chopper came through. Similar to how Pawn Stars' world-famous pawn shop Gold & Silver in Las Vegas became a tourist attraction after appearing on television for years, Teutul aims to make the Orange County Choppers a fan destination.

The cast makes an appearance in Season 2, Episode 3 American Chopper Gun, of Sons of Guns, where crews collaborate on a dragon-themed pistol. Last June, a professional photographer named Scott Gunnells filed a lawsuit against the Orange County Choppers, the radio station Discovery Inc. This is the first time in the history of the series that Orange County Choppers and Paul Junior Designs have come together for a single client. He has been seen working in metal from time to time, as one of his first jobs was working at Orange County Ironworks.

During its first run, the show featured Orange County Choppers, a custom motorcycle shop owned by Paul Teutul Sr. While there were some new family members and manufacturers, the store crew seemed to be the same as the cast of the Orange County Choppers series, including Evan Favaro. It revolves around a father-son duo, who run a custom chopper-style motorcycle manufacturing and design business, under the name of Orange County Choppers, located in Newburgh, New York. After leaving Orange County Ironworks, where he was the head of the railway store, he set up a store in New York to rival his father's company, but has since come up with bigger plans.

He continued to do what he had been doing at OCC at VForce for a few years before returning to the Teutul world in the form of a job at Paul Teutul Jr. He accepts construction and the two intend to work on a customized helicopter for one of the largest distributors of outdoor and indoor construction products. Teutul and the lawyers representing the bicycle manufacturer and the Orange County Choppers tried to come up with a pleasant outcome with the lawyers at JTM Motorsports.

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